Jumping through hoops to keep our kids safe


Family Extension Foster Care & Adoption Agency





As our motto suggests, we jump through the hoops to meet the needs of the children placed with our agency. We believe our non-profit organization plays an important role in the community. We work hard to train our resource families to provide the kind of homes that nurture children who have had a rough start in life.

However, it takes more than hard work and dedication to provide our foster children with the kinds of experiences enjoyed and often taken for granted by other children in the community. Experiences like going on vacation with the family, summer camps, school activities such as cheerleading and organized sports, and special holiday activities are not always affordable for the foster child. With the all so familiar and deep financial cut backs to social services, state funds are no longer sufficient to cover such activities and experiences necessary to develop a well rounded identity. Our goal is to provide such, and to make each child feel special and valued. Accordingly, we seek partnerships and financial support from the great members of our community and corporations toward our children’s programs. To raise funds, each year we organize:

  • Yard Sales and Car Washes in the Summer

  • Mail letters to community businesses soliciting for monetary and/or in-kind gifts. 

  • Participate in A Taste of Stockton event

  • Participate in Fireworks lottery 

Our greatest, continuous need is always LUGGAGE. Even after several years in foster care, I cannot get used to seeing children travel with all their possessions in black plastic bags. We would appreciate new suit cases and or those very gently used. To make it personal to the child, monetary gifts are always appreciated so the child can go shopping and make the choice as to style, color, etc of their own liking.

We have many people to thank for answering this call over the years as follows:

Thank you to OUR CONTINUED Sponsors that include

  • A.G. Spanos

  • The Guardian-Helping Hands
  • Modesto High School