Jumping through hoops to keep our kids safe


Family Extension Foster Care & Adoption Agency


          Family Extension Foster Care & Adoption Agency (FEFC) was licensed by the Community Care Licensing (CCL) in June, 2006, and obtained the coveted Adoption license in 2017. A core team of two committed social workers, however, birthed the idea many years before their dream became a reality. Their main objective is to help alleviate the plight of children who are at risk. They believe that every child has a basic right to dignity, safety, respect and confidentiality. To that end, they ascribe to various theoretical approaches to guide their work with the children and families of Family Extension Foster Care & Adoption Agency.

            Among the theoretical schools of thought is the humanistic approach which emphasizes fairness to the child, fairness to the Resource Family and fairness to the Agency. The underlying and pervasive stability that comes from this approach is an important ingredient that cannot be overlooked in the treatment of the children. It essentially translates into appropriate role modeling from both our staff and our Resource  parents. Indeed, research seem to support the fact that children learn more from what they see, and from what they hear, than from what they are told. Indeed, it is said that about 95% of a child's learning is, "caught" and only 3-5% is, "taught". 

       Another treatment approach used by FEFC & AA is that of carefully considering all the child’s meaningful support systems and incorporating them as a valuable and essential component of the child’s overall development.

           Accordingly, we strive to maintain open and respectful communication with all approved and appropriate adults in a child’s life. We work very closely with the child’s county social worker, child’s teachers and of course, the resource parents and members of our great community. It is well said that it takes a village to raise a child. We are grateful for all our partners and many individuals in our community, without whom our agency and our work with the foster children would not be a success.  Additionally, we are blessed to have a staff that is second to none in their approach to working with our at risk population.




Agency Overview