Jumping through hoops to keep our kids safe


Family Extension Foster Care & Adoption Agency

Board of Directors

* Howard Courney

* Wambui Wainaina

* Deborah Pavao

* Liane Mysouk

* Ramona Valdez​​


* Howard Courney, President
* Wambui Wainaina, Executive Director

Program Staff

* Rene Price, Office Manager

* Marcia Polina, MSW Social Worker

* Brittany Bragg, BS Social Worker
* Marlene Albert, AMFT Social Worker

* Brian Bossemeyer, MA Social Worker

The President and CEO of FEFC grew up in a family of 11 siblings. Born to poor parents in the suburbs of Detroit, he is all too familiar with the problems and issues that face the at-risk children in our society. It took the help and intervention of good neighbors and committed community members to keep our CEO and his siblings out of the “system”. He is forever grateful to those who sacrificed their time and resources to steer him in the right direction. Working with foster children is his way of paying back a great debt owed to society. Our CEO has a Bachelors Degree in social work from the University of Michigan and a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from National University.

The Executive Director and Administrator of FEFC brings with her a wealth of cultural knowledge and experience. Herself, a member of a minority class, she knows first-hand about the stigma and social injustice foster children face. Our Administrator knows the pain and gain of withstanding all odds to accomplish set goals. In her work with foster children, she encourages them to aim high and never give up. She has a Bachelors Degree in Organizational Communication and a Masters Degree in Social Work, both from California State University, Stanislaus.

Our case managing social workers have Masters Degrees in the behavioral sciences, including Master in Social work and Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. Their commitment to our foster children comes from their personal journeys and calls to this line of work. Many of them are parents of young children themselves. They know that all children need love and a sense of belonging. They are great advocates and support to the foster children. They intervene in the court systems, in the schools and elsewhere as needed. They work along side the foster parent and ensure that the needs of the child and the foster parents are met in a timely manner. In pursuit of excellence, all our social workers are registered associate clinical social workers and/or MFTI.

Our office manager is a God sent. She has an educational background in accounting with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. Before joining FEFC, she worked at the Dependency Courts, and privately managed small businesses accounts. She likes working with children and has small children of her own. She is key in driving our fund raisers and putting on great Christmas parties and other events that enhance the life of the children we work with. Our foster parents have honored her by sending her beautiful cards, and gifts, around Thanksgiving in appreciation of the help she gives them whenever they call on her. Indeed, a God sent.

Our Staff